How to improve your cellular signals?

The cell phone service is not what it used to be. There are so many people who suffer call drops as well as poor internet issues. With advanced technology we want a lot more than before from cell phones. Mobile lifestyle has evolved from just calls and simple texts to video calls, social media, emails, apps, personal assistants etc. the most important thing for a cell phone to work now is the cellular reception.

For getting better signals there are so many things that you can do physically as well as technologically. Following are the few simple hacks to get better signals of your cellphone.

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Go near a window:

The walls of a building are known to block the signals of a cellphone. When you feel the signals are poor than go near a window or open the window for creating a clear pathway between you and the closest cell tower.

Have some space:

If you are in a crowded place, your cell phone signals are going to be poor because there is a constant competition going on with the other cellular users. Therefore, distance yourself from others in order to strengthen your cell phone signals.

Get somewhere higher:

When you are in a lower portion of a building, the surroundings are often too much that block the signals. Get to a higher place in order to have better signals.

Keep your device charged:

Your device’s power to communicate with a cellular tower is the most important. When you feel the signals are weak, charge your phone in order to get improved connection with the cell phone towers near you.

Close the unused apps:

When you are stuck with weak signals, there is nothing more frustrating to wait. But what you can do in the meanwhile is to close the unused apps on your phone. It will help your device to devote all its power to connect with a nearby cell phone tower.

Hold the phone right:

The antenna of your phone lies inside it which makes the holding of it all the more important. Hold the phone in an upright position by touching only the sides of the device.

Reboot signals:

A better way is to reboot your cell signals by turning the Airplane Mode on for five seconds. After that turn it off as it will help the cell phone to search for new cell phone towers improving the reception.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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