4 Strategies to help you keep New Year’s resolutions

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The New Year is no doubt full of promises and anticipations. But you can call it a success of hope over experience that your brain knows that the resolutions you make are pretty much designed to be broken. Even with that in mind, your heart pushes you to list those promises anyway. So, hold fast to optimism! What else can you do to sustain on those promises?

Maybe with the help of right strategies will aid you to a path of whole new you by not allowing you to abandon those resolutions. Psychology research can help you here as there are things that you can do to maintain the resolutions you have made for the New Year.

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Make specific goals:

When you want to bring a change in your life then you are supposed to make your plans specific. You cannot give yourself a vague idea about something. For example, if you want to lose weight then you must target a precise number of pounds you want to lose. After that map out a strategy that can help you to shed those pounds. Then set mini-goals that can set you to reach the point on the scale where you want to.

Share your goals:

You cannot stay motivated when you make goals on your own and start working on them. Your friends and family can be a big support who can encourage you throughout the process. Therefore, share your decisions with those people and they will help you to stick to those resolutions.

Healthy behavior:

Willpower alone cannot help you stick to the promises you have made to yourself. You need to adopt a healthy behavior to make the change you want. If you want to ignore the midnight afternoon treat that you use to have previously, then connect to a small group of like-minded people and go out for a brisk walk at that time. Each time you put the brakes on your usual habits that you want to change, you will gain more confidence in your abilities to make the change,

Keep a track of your progress:

Self-monitoring is considered the best way to stick to your resolutions. Make a chart of your changed behavior and keep track the changes that you make. Tracking your progress will help you to have an idea how you are progressing with the resolutions you have made for the year.

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