Here is what Apple CEO Tim Cook earned in 2017 alongside bonuses

Apple's Tim Cook waves at the Apple Watch launch event. [Image Source: The Verge] -

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing was made public earlier this week and according to it, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook received substantial compensation packages in 2017. It is no open secret that 2017 was one of the Apple’s most successful years in business.

For all his hard work, Tim received $9.33 million performance bonus in 2017, but also took home $3.06 million in salary

Cook’s total compensation for 2017 was a whopping $102 million which also includes an amazing $89.2 million equity award for being Apple’s faithful CEO since 2011.

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The report also added about Tim’s travel. Tim Cook earned a private jet to travel and save time and will continue to do in future as well.

With all the success of Apple’s latest flagship models and other products, Apple certainly feels this cost is all justified as long as revenues increase and company grows.

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