3 Ways We Are Using Social Media the Wrong Way

All the time, we hear complaints about what people post, share, and engage with on social media. Everyone has set their annoyances on social media and many articles have been written with guideline you should follow while using it. But at some point, everyone has the same thought that people aren’t using the social media right. Social media platforms have evolved a lot more than just a place to connect with our friends and family. It is now more of a place to market and present people and this is the reason it has crept into people’s lives. Technically there is no wrong way to use social media but it is what choices you use to present yourself.

Following are the ways you might be using social media the wrong way and need to be careful about:

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Wasting time:

There is no harm in scrolling down through social media occasionally but if it becomes a habit to kill your time, then it is definitely not good. It is because no matter what class you belong, there are same twenty-four hours in a day. Your success depends on how you use these hours. Assuming you sleep for six hours every night, then you are left with only eighteen hours to use to reach your goals. Therefore, wasting your time in useless activities can waste your opportunities of whole life.

Preferring online relationships:

Being busy with daily work, it leaves less time to interact with people face-to-face. This is the reason you prefer staying in touch through online means of technology. But relationships are the most important in anyone’s life and replacing them with online connections give you nothing more than anxiety and depression. You cannot achieve success by staying alone, working on your own, and not having a complete support system. Friends and family are as important as anything else in life and strengthening of these relationships require nurturing and maintenance.

Defining your happiness:

Social media is not a place to glamorize your life’s events or situations. It makes people hide their bad parts and present to the world they are all happy and living the best life you can imagine. You see your connections getting jobs, going to new places, and living a wonderful life but nobody tells you about how many times they have been rejected and how many of their plans have failed. It is because everyone wants to put their best selves online. But social media is not the real life, you cannot be happy once you by staying concerned about other. You need to stop comparing your blessing with others and be thankful for what you have.

The article originally appeared on Addicted2Success

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