7 Jobs for people who hate math

At any place, when agencies report on a job with the highest demand they mostly talk about the ones that are related to engineering, technology, or math. But what if you absolutely hate math? Unfortunately, there are many people who cannot understand math and it is impossible for them to crunch numbers. They get scared away from science, engineering, and technology degrees for this very reason. The good news is that there are a lot of fast-growing and in-demand jobs that do not require math at all.

Following are the jobs that require just basic math level.

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Technical directors:

Median Salary: $70,950

A technical director is needed to perform duties such as taping, engineering, editing, and maintenance for the radio or television programs.

History teacher:

Median salary: $71,820

A history teacher stimulates student’s minds by making a connection between past and present. Human history and historiography are a part of this field.

Sociology teacher:

Median Salary: $71,840

It involves teaching courses in sociology at the university or graduate level.

Stage, motion picture, or a radio director:

Median salary: $70,950

For this job, individuals need to interpret scripts, conduct rehearsals, and direct activities of cast and technical crew.

Inspector for transport vehicles and equipment:

Median salary: $72,220

Transportation equipment, vehicles, or other systems require inspection in order to ensure that they are up to the safety standards.

Clinical psychologist:

Median Salary: $73,270

The psychologist focuses on treating mental disorders by working with patients. It requires individuals to value ethics, integrity, and helping others.


Median salary: $74,530

This holistic health technique stems from the traditional Chinese medicine practices. It involves stimulation of anatomical locations on or in the skin with a variety of techniques.

Via: Business insider

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