3 Ways to Improve your self-image

Your self-image is your concept of yourself. Have you ever thought what would you look like if you project an image of yourself like in the movie The Matrix? Have you ever thought what would you be? Your personal opinion of your own self is crucial to your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. It brings direct effects on your confidence and self-esteem. It also affects the way you interact with people and the way you live your own life. Having a healthy self-image of yourself is crucial for your happiness. It is because when you love yourself, it brings emotional stability and your confidence does not get closely tied with other people’s emotions.

However, it is important that you keep a check because having an unrealistic self-image can be a drawback whether it is negative or positive. You need to find a balance between feeling positive about yourself and having realistic goals in sight.

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Following are the few strategies that can help you appreciate your inner abilities by being realistic. By putting these into practice and every time taking the next step, you can choose the best option and practice discipline. This will help you stay very close to your real self-image.

Make a list of your personal abilities:

This practice will make you aware of your own self. It requires you to write down all your strengths that you think you have. You can spend days in making the list until you think you have no more. Because of this exercise, you will be able to become aware of things regarding yourself. If it took you a long time to create a list, then it means you need to spend time every day to review the list. Let all the positive qualities sink in which will remind yourself of your own value. Once you become completely aware of the qualities that you have, select the one that you want yourself to be represented as.

Be kind to yourself:

You might never have given it a thought to the way you talk to yourself. In today’s digital era, it is not a problem. Keep a track of your self-talk through the smartphone and speak every time you think of talking to yourself. Then compare whatever positive or negative things you say to yourself. Once you realize how hard you are getting on to yourself, remind yourself of the qualities that you have written down previously.

Share with others:

You can feel actually valuable by sharing whatever gifts that you have in the form of abilities and talents with others. You need to know how much time that you spend focusing on adding value to the people who live around you. Be valuable by volunteering, mentoring people, or giving assistance to those who are less fortunate. If you find yourself already doing things then practice them more. And if you haven’t even started yet, then it is the surest way you can improve your self-image.

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