Why you should get eight hours of sleep

A full night’s sleep is craved by everyone and recognizes its amazing effects on the body and mind. But, unfortunately, for many people getting eight hours of sleep usually left them unsatisfied. Whether it is because of the social, personal, or entertainment reason, the actual quality of sleep gets sacrificed. But when the amount of sleep is not enough, your mind and body do not function adequately.

The negative side effects of sleep deprivation are enormous and people spend their lives without knowing the cause of their depression, anxiety, and other various diseases.

But if you make it a goal to get quality sleep of eight hours every night, following are the 8 strategies to adopt:

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  • Avoiding caffeine after 2 p.m:

People usually tend to develop the habit of having tea and coffee in the evening to stay active. But according to science, you must avoid any kind of caffeine intake after 2 p.m. It not only involves coffee or tea but also the caffeinated drinks such as the Diet Coke and green tea.

  • Wear comfortable clothes:

For getting a quality sleep it is very important that you wear comfortable clothes while you sleep. Don’t go for anything unseasonal just because it looks good on you. Wear clothes in which you feel comfortable.

  • Take an evening bath:

Taking a morning shower makes you active for the day. But an evening shower helps you to clear all the dirt you have picked up on your body and mind during the entire work day. It makes you comfortable and helps you sleep faster.

  • Leave the phone an hour before sleeping:

This is the worst habits especially young adults have developed because of the smart gadgets. Avoid using your phone of tablet an hour before you sleep. It is because the emitting white light from the screens makes your brain active and you don’t sleep easily.

  • Use ambient noise:

There must be a sound that makes you feel relaxed and just wanting to sleep. Search for that one sound or use a white noise to sleep peacefully.

  • Use dark color curtains:

Light silk curtains do make your room beautiful when the sunrays fall on your window each morning. But it makes it difficult to get sleep when your room is too bright. Even in winters, use dark color curtains and ensure sleep in complete darkness.

  • Don’t eat after 9 p.m:

Food can sometimes have negative effects on your ability to sleep. Therefore, it’s better to keep your dinners extremely light and have a warm cup of milk before sleep.

  • Keep your exercise in the morning:

Working out at night also makes you unable to get a good sleep. Therefore, keep your mornings for workouts. An exercise generally makes you active and makes it harder to fall asleep at night.

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