3 Tech strategies to earn and save more money

Most of the people around us live from pay-check to pay-check but in this world of instant gratification, it has become important than ever to save money in any way you can. You may think that saving money is all about monitoring your spending habits and cutting expenses, but in the area of wealth creation and money management, we forget that there are some simple technologies that can impact our money making as well as saving capacities.

Following are the low-cost ways to increase your savings:

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Track your finances with tech and it will make you spend less:

The practice of saving money is really powerful as it promotes the Benjamin Franklin’s concept of a penny saved is a penny earned. For many entrepreneurs, it is difficult to reduce expenses and that is where automation comes in. Budgeting and tracking finances can become be effectively done with products like Mint. It helps to keep all of your finances in one place and allows you to monitor it easily.

Invest with technology:

Investing all the saved up money requires a lot of understanding. Again, technology can help you in this regard. There are not much companies or apps that can help you making the investment an easier, less time consuming, or a more profitable exercise. There are so many gurus who are helping people with their advice regarding investment.The Millionaire Booklet by Grant Cardone focuses on investment and advises to stay poor by putting all money to work for you instead of keeping it in banks. Cardone stresses on purchasing of real estate rather than buying depreciating assets such as expensive cars. Companies and tools such as BettermentTDAmeritradeCharles Schwab are also catering to the time and expertise challenged investors

Enlist others to sell your products and services through their channels:

If you have to sell something, there are some needs that are not being properly addressed in the marketplace. For selling your product or services, there are a lot of channels. There are plenty of companies that will pay you to sell their product if you don’t have an offering for yourself. SupplyHub story is a place where you might find a specific marketplace for whatever you are selling. It will help in advancing your sales forward. Affiliate marketing is another opportunity for financial growth where you can earn commission by promoting other company’s products and services.

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