6 Ways To Overcome Your Fear Of Speaking

It is common for many people to experience speech anxiety when they have to speak in front of a group. In fact, it becomes kind of a fear for many people. This is a kind of anxiety that ranges from slight feelings of worries to extreme levels such as shaking, butterflies in the stomach, dry mouth etc.

There is an overwhelming surge of anxiety that mimics a heart attack. If you experience such kind of symptoms, then you can do the following in order to overcome your speech anxiety

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Stop trying to be perfect:

It is often the fear of mistakes that lead to anxiety for speaking publically. Accept that no one is perfect and it is very common among speakers to make mistakes. Instead of stressing on how to avoid mistakes, try to be yourself. Your audience will appreciate and you will become comfortable.

Grip over your subject:

When you are speaking publically or among a group of people, it is necessary that you are completely aware of the topic. Know more than most of the people know about the topic and this will make you more confident.

Engage your audience:

Your nervousness can be reduced by turning your speech into a discussion. Involve your participants by asking them questions that can turn the attention from you.

Make an eye contact:

You need to make an eye contact with few f the friendly faces you find in the room where you are speaking. By looking into the eyes of people you will a relationship of trust and this will make your audience interested in your message.

Visualize your success:

You can gain confidence by visualizing yourself speaking with confidence and enthusiasm. Allow your mind to picture the people you are speaking to and the message you are delivering to them.


While you are speaking to a group of people, the best way to reduce anxiety is to breathe from your stomach muscles. Before starting to speak in front of your audience, when you inhale deeply say to yourself “I am” and “relaxed” as you exhale.

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