3 Self-sabotaging ways of speaking

At some point in life, everyone gets engaged in some kind of negative self-talk. But when it rears its ugly head on regular basis, it leads to self-sabotage. This makes you doubt your strength and strengthens your belief that you cannot achieve anything. But the worse thing is that you don’t recognize what is happening and attribute your lack of success to inadequacy.

But no matter what your strengths and weaknesses are, you should realize the importance of how to talk about yourself to the world. For stopping yourself from sabotaging your own success, you need to avoid the following:

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Telling others that you are not worthy of respect:

This attitude is not healthy and makes people uncomfortable in your circle. You may think that telling others how dumb you are for the mistakes you have made and it will be funny to discuss it openly. But there is always a difference between joking what you did and putting yourself down in front of others. If you allow yourself to be presented on a lower level in front of other people, no matter how funny you think it is, you disrespect yourself. When you don’t respect yourself then it sends an indication to the other person that you are not worthy of any kind of respect. Other people take you the way you think of yourself and it becomes a huge problem in attaining success in life.

Presenting an idea by saying it’s not good:

According to experts, when you present an idea in front of someone by saying “ This may be a bad idea…”, there is no chance it will be taken seriously. You must understand and realize your words before you speak them in front of others. Whatever idea you want to present must not include an apology. Instead, inquire by searching other people’s reaction to the subject. Then ask for a feedback o the people whom you have presented the idea to and then consider the opinions. The opinions and ideas of others will tell you how your idea has been received. But no matter what idea you suggest, keep your delivery energetic, and convey the message you want genuinely.

Not having a good story:

Another important element which makes you self-sabotage your success is that you don’t have a good story to tell when someone approaches you. When somebody asks you what you have been up to, usually you give the answer as “nothing much”. But this answer indicates that you don’t want to continue for anything better. But if you have a good story and something interesting in the back of your mind, others will be interested in spending time with you. This is something that will help you develop better personal and professional relationships and succeed in life.

The Article originally appeared in INC

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