7 Things that prove that you are smart

Psychologists have been arguing that intelligence is difficult to define. But it is generally known as the ability to learn from experience, adapt to new situations, understand the abstract concepts, and using the information to control one’s environment. This may not be easy for you to become aware of what extent intelligence exists in you. But there are certain habits that indicate how smart you actually are.

The research has provided some interesting clues that link life experiences with your level of intelligence. Some of them are as follows:

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You are anxious:

Studies have shown that most anxious people are the most focused and efficient in completing their tasks. So, if you are in a habit of worrying for even the smaller tasks then it shows you are smarter than the average people. It is because this worry pushes you to search for solutions to problems which you cannot find otherwise.

You started your reading at an early age:

A study was carried out on 2,000 pairs of identical twins and found that despite their identical genes found something really interesting. The children who started reading earlier scored a higher IQ as compared to their siblings. So, if you are one of those who started reading at an early age, it means you were a smart kid and are a smart adult today.

You write with left-hand:

Maybe you were discouraged from writing by teachers with the left hand when you were a kid. Your teachers may have forced you to write with your right hand. But researchers have found small yet strong links to being left-handed and being smart. It is because left-handedness is associated with divergent thinking. This unique ability helps you to combine two unrelated objects in a meaningful way which shows that you are intelligent.

You admit what you don’t know:

You may not realize but the smartest kids are those who admit when they are not familiar with a particular concept. If you are not afraid to say that you don’t know then you have the ability to learn more.

Insatiable curiosity:

One of the important traits that indicate your intelligence is your insatiable curiosity. You get fascinated by things that others take for granted. This shows that you have a higher level of intelligence as compared to the rest.

You like to stay with yourself:

For highly intelligent people, it is very common to enjoy their own company. Interestingly, recent studies have shown that smart people tend to drive less satisfaction by spending time among friends but are happier when they spend time alone.

You are funny:

Researches have shown strong connection between intelligence and being funny. A study conducted showed that professional comedians scored higher levels of intelligence to those people who were serious.

Via: Forbes

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