Scientifically proven 7 powerful keys to happiness, success is by-product of happiness

The philosophers, psychologists, and even economists have long sought to define what happiness actually is. Happiness is not just a positive mood; it is a state of well-being that encompasses living a good life which has a sense of meaning and deep satisfaction. Research also suggests that happiness brings great impact to your cardiovascular health, immune system, inflammation levels, and blood pressure.

According to Emma Seppala, science director for Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, when you are happy, the circuits in your brain light up and some of the groundbreaking research has found how to keep them lit:

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Stay in the moment:

The things on your to-do list often stress you and distract you from what needs your most attention. Therefore, simply focus on what is at hand and think of ways to get it done. This will keep your mind free from any irritating feelings and will help you stay happier.

Learn resilience:

Your frustration and depression arise when you fail to bounce back from setbacks in life. But you understand that challenges and setbacks are a part of your journey so you should face them with courage. Seek resilience and teach your brain to overcome the failures and look forward to attaining more in life.

Preserve your energy:

Your energy is the most precious element that can be used to help you grow and learn more. So, you need to protect your energy for focusing on the tasks that are most important. Do not waste your energy on thinking about people and tasks that do not add up soothing good to your life. Find effective ways to spend your time and stay among positive people.

Take time to unwind:

You must give yourself some time to unwind and do nothing at all. Once you allow your mind to stay calm and think nothing, it will come up with creative ideas. Your creative will increase and you will be able to find unusual solutions to the problems that you face in life.

Treat yourself kindly:

Everybody wants to be treated well by others but there are only a few people who pay attention to how they treat themselves. The way you treat yourself indicates how well you want to be treated by others. So, treat yourself kindly and reward yourself for even the smallest things that you perform well.

Play outside your comfort zone:

You cannot learn and grow unless you get out of your comfort zone. It is because your brain is supposed to build new skills which cannot be built if you don’t face challenges. You must push yourself to learn more than what you already know. Once you break the boundary of your comfort zone, you will see numerous opportunities waiting for you to explore.

Do not underestimate the power of empathy:

Building valuable connections is the major factor in your happiness. You must show empathy towards the people you meet and engage with. Being empathetic will help you build successful relationships and connections. These connections will help your life a happier and successful life in future.

The article originally appeared in INC

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