WhatsApp is testing one phone number for multiple devices

Good news, all WhatsApp lovers. The world’s biggest chat – video app is testing some new features and out of many, one feature caught the corner of our eye. WhatsApp is testing the same phone number across multiple phones and devices.

The news is unsurfaced by WABeta Info, a twitter account that keeps a close eye on the latest WhatsApp developments and features. WhatsApp seems to have introduced a hidden function (not rolled out to the public yet) in Android beta that lets you use the app on four devices with a single number.

WABetaInfo ScreenShot Twitter
WABetaInfo ScreenShot Twitter

According to a leaked screenshot, the test feature is called ‘Linked Devices’. It lets you manage, add devices linked to your primary number associated with WhatsApp.

Currently, users can use WhatsApp one number on mobile and use it on WhatsApp web with the phone in good range placed near the PC. It seems like, this restriction my go away with an ability to use the same number on 2 more devices, making it 4 in total.

Well, that’s exciting. We are not sure when the feature will officially roll out for all WhatsApp users.