Want to be successful in 2019?. Follow these 8 steps to live a more meaningful life

Almost a hundred years ago, Albert Einstein shared the theory of happiness with the world that stated that a calm and modest life brings you more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant relentlessness. Despite the obsession with the pursuit of personal happiness, understanding the meaning in life is the key to resilience as well as success. The meaning of a purposeful life is deeper, though; many psychologists define it as a state of comfort and ease, feeling good in the moment.

Following are the few ideas that will help you find more meaning in life every single day:

Know your priorities:

Your life can become meaningful once you know the priorities in life. For that purpose, list down five things that you believe is the essence of how you want to live and keep them in your mind.

Work on your passion:

By pursuing the passion in life, you make your life worth living. It gives true meaning to your life and each time you work for it, it creates a joy inside you. Be sure to make time for your passion every day and find ways that help you to earn money from it.

Be aware of yourself:

You need to be mindful of your actions and behavior because it makes you live your life according to the principles you have set. Every single day, review your actions and work towards correcting any incidents that have occurred in the future.

Stay focused:

Working on numerous goals at one time, makes you lose motivation to stay on track. Place all of your energy and focus on one thing at a time and it will alleviate the stress that is associated with trying to accomplish too many tasks.

Value people more than materialistic things:

If you spend your money on your loved ones, it will give you a deeper meaning in life. It will help you focus on your relationships rather than the material wealth. When you will spend on others, it will make you a happier and more satisfied person.

Give back to the community:

Giving something back to the community honors your beliefs and passions. Giving back to the community ultimately gives you a purpose in life. Once you cultivate the habit of giving back, it brings more purpose to your life and makes it worth living.

Make it simple:

It is very important to simplify your life so that you can make it more meaningful. Less fuss will help you concentrate on decisions that are more important, reduces stress, and make your overall life easier to manage.

Set goals every day:

You must set three meaningful goals on daily basis to make your life meaningful. Just be sure to tackle the hardest thing first. By trying to do less, you will be able to accomplish more so avoid multitasking.