7 best times for setting goals

It is not easy to sit down and plan your life goals. Most people are even scared of asking themselves this basic question that concerns their future the most. You need to be wise enough to respect your own feelings and values. You also need to have a vision for your life but what matters the most is the perfect time to set your goals. Goals should be reassessed and revisited on regular basis and should be a reminder of what you are working towards.

You may have not yet found the time to completely go through the goals setting process. But if you have not set your goals then check out the best times when you can:

1. When you want to get better results:

According to Newton’s first law, an object in motion remains in motion. Nothing remains fixed and if you compare it with the areas of your life, you will understand that too. When you look at yourself and don’t like it, it means it is time to set new goals and get better. You will need to shift your behavior in order to become better at whatever you are doing. This is the time you need to set goals and make plans to support them.

2. Facing uncertainties:

The time when something unexpected happens in your life and you realize you cannot move forward the way you were, use that time to your advantage and set new goals. This is the time that will push you to change your path and do not walk on the straight line.

3. When you fail badly:

Achieving success every time does not make you learn. When you end up like you don’t want to be, you need to create new strategies. When you fail, it feels like everything is falling apart. But it is not the time you should waste in whining, you need to focus on how to set new goals to make good things happen in your life.

4. Throughout the education process:

Your education process is the time where you can easily set the goals in life. It is because it is an ongoing process and your goals can take different forms and you can keep achieving them alongside completing your education. By the time you will end your basic qualification, you will have bigger goals in mind which will keep you moving forward in life.

5. After achieving success:

Most of the articles and journals you go through usually focus on the way towards achieving success. But there is very little content that can be found on what to do once you have achieved success. Once you have reached your goals, do not let the accomplishment make you stuck forever. Do not make success your lifetime destination, it is the right time to set new goals and move forward.

6. New year’s resolutions:

Although for some people setting goals as the New Year’s resolutions seem daunting because they hardly ever achieve them. But it is a good time to bring a change in your life and make everything better. Set meaningful goals and make actual plans to accomplish them.

7. When you face a severe setback:

For some people setbacks ever allow them to stand back up again. But this is the time that you can deal very strongly and bring it to your advantage. Don’t let whatever setback you faced in life and set new goals. Refresh your plans and stay persistent in reaching success.