Google launches an app for discovering your neighborhood and connecting with your neighbors

Imagine how cool it would be to learn about your neighborhood by asking the experts living in your neighborhood?. Google has just launched a service called Neighbourly, a mobile app designed to learn anything about your neighborhood. You can connect with your neighbors.

The app is currently launched in Mumbai, India. It lets you ask questions using text,voice in English as well as in eight Indian languages. Residents of the same neighborhood see the questions and can answer. Although people will be able to see your profile picture and first name, they won’t get access to your personal information. Google has taken this step to insure maximum privacy of everyone.

Watch the Video:

Google has launched the android version of the app first and iOS version is expected to be released shortly. The app works on similar lines of Nextdoor in USA. On NextDoor, when you signup in a neighborhood, a postal card with unique PIN is sent to your home address in order to verify resident’s exact location.

The whole idea is, when neighbors talk, everyone benefits.

Mumbai users can download the android app here

Post and picture via: TNW