Incorporate these 5 self-care elements into your daily routine

For many of us, this life is filled with so many responsibilities. This makes us forget to take care of our personal needs. It happens because when it comes to handling stress we deplete most of our energy in trying to do so and the easiest to ignore at that time is our own self. We push ourselves to the point where we cannot take anymore and just give up and self-care helps us to avoid reaching at that extreme. When we are busy even a small reprieve feels like a luxury which makes self-care not just important, but crucial for us.

It may sound very touchy-feely but self-care is like a kind of emotional hygiene so we should incorporate self-care into our daily lives. The following are the ways to do it:

Getting fresh air:

According to research, a little sunshine and fresh air can help us to experience a boost in mood as well as self-esteem. We usually don’t get time to pay attention to the green exercise which involves going out in the nature and just having an aimless walk. It helps us to recharge ourselves and refocus our energy on our goals in life.

Doing Yoga:

We do get inspired by the people who take an hour-long class of yoga every day but we never develop the courage to do it ourselves. It is the best reward we can give to our mental and physical self as it brings in numerous benefits. It not just strengthens our bones and keeps our weight in check but also it helps to improve functions of our brain by reducing stress levels.

Perform aromatherapy:

For many of us, the smell of flowers or different perfumes brings a comforting feeling to our mind and body. There are certain scents that are used for aroma therapy. You just need to find which ones calms you down in times of stress and make it a habit of keeping it on your bedside. Scents of different kinds of roses can help you relax and get a better night sleep.

Write a journal:

Journaling is more than just writing a diary; it is actually a way to transfer all our worries onto a piece of paper and lightening burden from our shoulders. Writing a journal improves creativity and increases the emotional intelligence.

Scheduling a fixed bed-time:

The most important thing when it comes to self-care is to set a fixed bedtime routine. It helps to get the desired amount of sleep. It allows our body and mind to relax and repair. To function at our best we need to have seven to nine hours of sleep so that we can prepare to confront challenges for the next day.