6 Bad habits spreading around the world very fast

If you are thinking of giving your life a major upgrade, you need to leave some of the American habits that are spreading across the world. These are the habits that can sabotage your progress and bringing a bad impact on your personal as well as professional life. But unfortunately, these are the American habits that are not at all healthy and everyone is adopting them considering it a trend to follow.

Following are the few unhealthy habits that you need to remain watchful and avoid adopting them.

Fast food consumption:

The consumption of fast food in America is more than any other country of the world. According to a survey around 50 million Americans consume fast food on daily basis. Catching up on this trend are the countries such as France. In France, more than 50% of the total restaurant sales went to the fast food companies. Germany, Canada, South Korea, and the United Kingdom are also seeing rise in the consumption of fast food.

Eating at desks:

According to a survey published in the New York Times, 62% of the American nationals are in a habit of eating lunch at the desk. This makes them sit all day without moving their eyes from the computers. It is causing mental as well as physical damages to their bodies. In France, people are doing the same by eating their meals at the place where they work.

Black Friday Trend:

With the passage of time, the Black Friday occasion has become a trend all over the world. This has become a tradition in many countries such as Australia, Russia, and Germany etc. where retailers declare massive discounts to turn on the holiday season. The Canadian retailers started their Black Friday tradition so that people do not cross the border to avail the advantage from sales in America.

Doing over work:

People work after the office hours in many parts of the world but Americans are especially known for working long hours. This reduces their productivity and the quality of their work also declines. Considering it a trend, many people in European countries like Sweden and Germany have also started working longer hours than required.

Sticking to social media platforms:

Americans are long known to be addicted to their social media platform. But now according to the latest reports, major countries in the world such as Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina,  the United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia are also known to be among the top users of social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat.

Watching televisions:

It may have not been highlighted but according to the report, Americans are known to spend four hours and 42 minutes on watching TV all day. Following the trend are Italy, Poland, and Australia where people watch television more than four hours a day.

Via: Business Insider