This website lets you use free images on your website and blog.

The most challenging task all bloggers and website designers face is to search for royalty free images. The images on the websites such as Shutter stock, Getty images are not free and many people make this fundamental mistake of copying images from the big website, remove the watermark by using photoshop and use that on their website or blog.

Do you know? It is illegal and you can get a legal notice to pay huge fees in dollars for using the images without purchasing. Unfortunately, 10 years back we were once stupid enough to use the images from one of those websites and got a notice. We all learn from our mistakes, We certainly did so. The images should never be used without purchasing anywhere on the web for commercial or a personal use.

In the Modern Times, online business has changed. There are many websites offering royalty free images for commercial/ noncommercial use without even a need to give credit to the photographer. is one. We have been personally using this website on BeingGuru and for designing the websites of our clients at infomist all over the world in the last couple of years. It is free, there is no online purchase, nor any credit needs to be given to the photographer.

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We highly recommend for using Royalty free images on your blog/website

Written by Hisham Sarwar

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