8 Keys to Success from Jack Ma, Realistic approach to life

Success is something that almost everyone wants and many of us spend a lifetime hoping for it. Some people never find it but some achieve it early in life. Some get discouraged in their professional progress or financial state and they leave their desire of achieving success. Only a few people take the ride full of obstacles and look for opportunities that are available. The founder and CEO of Alibaba, Jack Ma is one of the world’s richest men who achieved everything despite the rejections and failures in his life. If you are ready to incorporate Jack Ma’s approach to your management of professional life, you need to understand the key values that helped him to attain success.

His foresight:

According to Jack Ma, a good leader needs to have a good foresight. A person should be able to stay ahead of the competition and have the ability to anticipate how the decisions affect the future. A person must have the creative thinking skill and must have an informed intuition for achieving success.


Jack Ma stresses up on the importance of attitude. He consider attitude and passion over theoretical skills as it makes the journey to success much easy.

Uniting people under a single roof:

Another key to his massive success is that Jack Ma believed that it is not possible to convince every employee, business partner or a potential investor. Rather, people should be united under a common goal and should have a vision to follow.

Working with talented people:

Jack Ma considers hiring of employees as most important. According to him if a person is hired and does not have any superior technical skills, it means your vision cannot be carried along. You cannot work for your visions if you don’t have people who understand you properly.

The greatest failure:

According to Jack Ma the greatest failure is to give up in life. Success is not always about achieving what you have in mind, even if you try your best and fail but see it through to the end, you have achieved success.

Being determined:

Having a clear vision is not enough according to Jack Ma, he says that a person should know what has to be achieved and should be determined in working for it.

Enjoy life:

Ma wants people to change their mindset regarding money. Money should be achieved for making things better for one another, not to be hoarded.

Friendly competition:

Jack Ma’s unique business philosophy is to compete in a friendly environment. He considers his competitors his friends who allow him the opportunity to learn and grow by facing the challenges they place.

The article originally appeared on Life Hack, featured picture from Recode

Written by Hisham Sarwar


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