5 ways to become smarter by following Warren Buffett’s routine

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There are many of us who are busy in their lives and find no time to become smarter. Our day to day routine activity does not help us at all to expand our brain. People who we see in our lives as smarter are the ones who work to accumulate knowledge in their everyday lives. According to Warren Buffett and his businesses associate Charlie Munger, a simple formula can be developed in order to become smarter over time. Buffet and his associate are known as the great combinations of mind as they have developed the incredible ability to learn.

For becoming smarter, following are the ways to follow.

Read a lot:

According to Buffett, he sits in his office and reads all day and estimated he spent 80% of his working day on reading. Most importantly, he pays attention to whatever he is reading. When he was once asked how he acquired this much intelligence, he simply stated that reading 500 pages every week build up knowledge like compound interest.

How to read:

According to Buffet, just reading pages is not enough. You need to understand what kind of knowledge you are accumulating. You need to evaluate whether it fits into your current perspective or not. You need to develop a continuous habit of learning which will open your mind to extreme levels.

Don’t pay attention to other people’s opinions:

Buffet stresses on not paying attention to the opinions of other people because it has no use. Instead, learn to think for yourself. You need to get the facts and then think. Buffet says that when it gets to thinking part, Charlie’s is the best mind to do the work for him. He thinks about things immediately and understands what Buffet wants him to understand.

Take out time to read:

You need to take out time to read and initially it will require 30 minutes of your day. With the passage of time you will crave more for reading as you will not just read the content, you will also think over it.

Just reading isn’t enough:

According to Warren Buffet, reading and thinking are not enough, for accumulating knowledge. You need to be able to express whatever you have learned. There is no use just to grab the ideas without knowing what to do with them. You should explain those ideas to someone and see if they can understand what knowledge you are trying to pass on.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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