Built-in Frontback Feature with LG G6

Not so many of us remember the front-back feature for mobile devices; it was an app that was developed to allow users to capture images with their device’s front and the back camera. It also allowed them to share the two simultaneously with one of the image on the top half and the other on the bottom half of the display. That app initially surged a bit but then users lost interest and it failed to regain its position ever.

LG has now revived that similar featured application by introducing Match Shot into the new G6. Also it has replaced the 16:9 display with a 2:1 display. In order to show users what they can do with different screen formats, the company has placed new Square Camera App. Users can capture a square image with it and then preview it instantly in full size below the viewfinder which is great for Instagram users.

But the most exciting feature is the comeback of a front-back feature on mobile devices. There is a lot to explore about the new media formats. Although this is not something new but it is interesting to see smartphone manufacturers trying to incorporating new stuff to make the overall experience much better for users.

Via: Tech Crunch

Written by Hisham Sarwar


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