Fascinating Must Watch Ted Talks About Money

You are never too young or too old to learn how to make money or make smart financial decisions. World is full of wealthy people who became rich not because they won a lottery or inherited million but they earned money and invested it well within their means. And, you can do that too.

Below given is the essence of nine Ted Talks that were given by successful people. Their talks contain a wealth of useful tricks, terms, and tools to help you build a solid financial future. There are no get-rich-quick schemes to be followed for earning money instead there are some long-term strategies adopted by these successful speakers that made them a success today. Their information is going to help you make smart decisions to keep your money safe and help it grow.

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Neha Narula: The future of money

According to the director of research at the Digital Currency Initiative Neha Narula, money is not something independent. In her Ted Talk she described that among the citizens of the world, the value of money has been agreed upon as a collective fiction. Bitcoin has helped us to take the concept a bit further. It has redefined our ways to value and exchange money.


David Burkus: why is it important to know how your coworkers get paid

At the University of Nevada, David Burkus asked for the outcomes in case of total pay transparency. He spent several years in studying pay transparency. He stated that at companies where salaries are revealed openly, the workers there are more engaged, work hard, and less likely leave the jobs. At at companies where salaries are hidden, workers always have a feeling of being underpaid and face discrimination.


Courtney Martin: The new American dream

In her talk she explained that surprisingly first time ever American parents are not sure that their kids’ future would be better than their own. That is mainly because the citizens are not focusing on searching for steady employment. She wonders on finding a smarter way how work and living can be redefined.


Shlomo Benartzi: Saving for tomorrow, tomorrow

The economist Shlomo Benartzi states that there is a difference between knowing how much to save and actually doing it. According to him many people think they should save but end up in spending whatever they earn. This is the reason that just about one-third of Americans save for retirement plans. There are only 10% of Americans who actually are making adequate savings for their future.


Keith Chen: Language affecting the ability to save money?

The language we speak can play a vital role in stopping our ways to becoming rich. The economics professor at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, Keith Chen states that languages can either be futureless or futured.


Cameron Herold: Raise kids to be entrepreneurs

If you want to make your kids wealthy, Tec Talk by Cameron Herold is something to listen to. Instead of forcing children to adopt traditional professions, he insists on making them entrepreneurs. Kids who have the entrepreneurial traits can be groomed and can become successful entrepreneurs.


Daniel Goldstein: Battle between present and future self

According to Daniel Goldstein, there are two selves i.e. the present self and the future self. He states that saving is a two-self problem where the present self wants to consume everything whereas the future self tends to save for the future. He focuses on how the future self is being ignored in many cases that is resulting in less saving for the future times.


Geoff Mulgan: Post-Crash

The social commentator Geoff Mulgan explains how financial crises can be used for one’s advantage. According to him these are the moments of opportunity that can bring great ideas in our minds.


Michael Norton:  How to buy happiness

The social science researcher Michael Norton tries to against the notion that money can’t buy happiness. According to him, spending of money is something that hampers the way towards happiness. It does not make people happy because they spend it the wrong way.


Via: Business Insider


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