Facebook Messenger will have a Data Saver mode

Facebook new data saver feature will help to reduce the amount of data used while looking at other media content that has been sent on the messenger. Facebook is following the trend of data savers and is currently testing it on the Android beta version of the app.

The company has not rolled out this feature among the general public yet because it wants to test this data saving feature to reduce the amount of data the app consumes.

How it works?

On the Facebook Messenger, all content is automatically downloaded without any permission from the user. That happens without data saver mode being active. Sometimes the user is not interested in downloading content but after switching on the data saver mode, the user will have to tap-to-select each photograph or video in order to get it viewed. The usual texting will not be affected with this feature. There is also a counter for the beta; this keeps all records of the data saved by it which can easily be reset at any time. This is a really good option for users who are on a regular monthly data plan.

It is notable that the Data Saver Feature works only while using cellular data. The app starts to download photograms and videos as soon as it gets connected to the WiFi network. This feature is soon expected to become a part of the main Facebook Messenger but for those who are eager to use it, they can sign up for it through Google Play Store.

Hate Waiting?. Sign up for the beta at the Play store.

Via: TheNextWeb



Written by Hisham Sarwar


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