Cowlar Wins $10,000 At Pakistan Startup Cup.

They narrowly lost the finals of Global Future Agro Challenge Event, GEC 2016 6 months ago but Cowlar turned the tables around at the Pakistan Startup Cup by winning US$ 10,000. CricFlex ended up as runner up.

The event was organized by Startup Cup in collaboration with TIE and US Embassy.

“We will be spending the Millions Rupees won to create a model Cowlar village near Islamabad” – Umer Adnan, CEO

The event took place at Islamabad Marriott Hotel.


The Smart Collar For Cows:

Cowlar is a dairy monitoring system which results in increase in milk yield, early disease detection and increasing profitability. The system assists with tracking the cow’s core temperature and GPS enabled, real-time activity.

To know more about Cowlar, click here.


Written by Hisham Sarwar

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