Create a professional Linkedin profile.

A detailed 11 points guide to get a pro-like Linkedin profile


A strong profile is an instant way of developing visibility and credibility if you are looking to make a first impression. It is an effective way to introduce your skills to the potential clients. You need to carefully develop a strategy to highlight your skills and assimilate the unique characteristics in an attractive manner.

If you have got a LinkedIn profile then get ready to compete for attention with 400+ million users. In order to shine among the pebbles on the beach, you will have to create the right marketing mix in your profile instead of building just a promotional tool.

Consider your profile as an opportunity for the client to know about you which persuades them to know more, this ultimately will lead to direct interaction in the form of client-employee relationship.

Your LinkedIn profile acts like an informative dossier that highlights what you serve as a roadmap for growth. So you must create a unique profile that targets potential clients. In order to enhance your LinkedIn profile for a more professional look, following are some great ideas

Brand Yourself:

Expose your features to properly present yourself and your credentials to the client. Market your skills and abilities that you wish to use most and you think are highly demanded by the employers.

Your profile Photograph:

One of the most important elements of creating a strong LinkedIn Presence is your profile photograph. Researches have shown that just having a good profile photograph make your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed by your clients. Make your profile photograph from the top of your shoulders to just above your head so that your face shows off that pretty smile.

Convince clients:

Convincing clients is an art in itself, once a client contacts you does not mean he/she has landed in your pocket. Most people contact several people at the same time; it’s your job to convince the client to pick you from the lot. Elaborate few key issues that client can grab, do not discuss problems instead present solutions to problems. Explain why you are interested in the project and ensure that you really work for clients you like.

Be seen, be heard:

Lift your profile and attract more clients. Use sound or video to connect with the clients and build stronger relationships.

Use your recommendations:

You are recognized by your recommendations; viewers who view your profile often look at your recommendation at first which you have received on your LinkedIn profile. This gives an idea to the potential clients about you and your work.

Be Human:

Present yourself as a person people want to know more about, talk about your passion and enthusiasm. Sound interesting to other people by telling them about the things that excite and motivate you.

Be mysterious:

The interaction with other person is all about interaction; reveal something deep and something meaningful. Surprise people with something they are not expecting from an employee such as tell them about your proficiency in a certain language and offer to teach it to them.

Reach Out:

It is always good if you ask a professional to have a look at your profile; it will make you aware of the weak points if you have any. In return, always offer to do the same.

Make your headline stand out:

When you are selling yourself in the online market, make a headline that is unique from the rest of the profiles. Present your professional background in the form of a story; it excites people to know more about you. Tell them about your struggles and learning thought your journey.

What do you want to be seen as:

Before presenting yourself in your profile, make sure how you want the world to see you. Develop a personal tagline that accurately describes you and your work. Always keep what you have written in your LinkedIn profile. If somebody contacts you and inquires about few things, always stick to what you have already told the public. Never have views that do not match with your profile.

Use a unique profile Link:

Always use your personal LinkedIn URL to share your profile. Just copy pasting the URL of your profile will not give a good impression, instead present to the world your unique profile link on the page.



Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)