You’ve Got to Have Pixel To Run Google Assistant In Android 7.1


Recently Google unveiled its Assistant which greatly pitched the new virtual assistance idea. The users were extremely excited on hearing this news for Android until now; they will be able to access this feature only if they can buy a Google Pixel Phone.

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Google actually confirmed itself that the Virtual Assistant feature will only be available to just phones. This AI-powered helper is believed to communicate with the users in order to perform certain tasks such as regulate the Google cast-enables gadgets and IOT devices. This helper is expected to gain more power for performing particular tasks for the users which includes hailing a cab on Uber to reach specific destinations.

Google’s assistant incorporates many functions and even the phone users will not be able to attain full tech support. For their photos and videos, users will not be able to get infinite original quality cloud storage or even the latest Pixel Camera or Launcher apps. It is noteworthy that even the most highly upgraded phones of the latest version of Android will also not be eligible for these features for some time.

Google has plans to eventually make its Assistant commonly available to all users. The company also wants to make further advancements in the coming year. It plans to make some useful additions with Android 7.1 including daydream VR mode, Night light blue light filter, and building a support for opening the notification bar with the help of swiping on the fingerprint sensor. Google plans to launch the Android 7.1 developer’s preview at the end of this month but it has not clearly indicated which phones other than pixel will be able to use it.

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