Stash, A Cool APP To Bookmark Anything You Find On The Internet

Our capacious and triangulated nervous system is expanded by internet to understand the synapses of today’s changing and chaotic world. It actually enhanced our capacity to forage for the nourishment of our imagination. In our childhood, we had only dreamed of libraries and archives but internet has literally brought it to our fingertips. Knowledge is no longer armed with any kind of barriers, internet made the access to information only a click away.

The technological advancement does not only made available the information at hand but also made it possible for us to access it whenever we want. Internet made it possible to save something that catches our attention to read later. Today, when you open up a page, a popup appears in your news-feed or email letter to ask if you want to save it for later. It does sound so simple but every service is not equal. Saving links on the web made it possible to read articles later at any time. So many apps like Pocket and Instapaper allowed users to pin articles, shopping inspiration or create playlist on YouTube or even just making use of the bookmarking feature while searching on web.

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Stash App:

A recent app ‘Stash’ has been developed to do everything seamlessly. It provides a better link-saving service to help you to search, save, and organize any information you want to keep for later. This app has been developed by Rahul Shah (CEO), Sachin Rudraraju (CPO), and Chris Goes (CTO).


They have been working for building analytic software for media publications named as Speare and they are now using that classified technology for their new app named “Stash”. This technology helps to categorize and tag the web pages users want to save. As more people will use Stash, the correction of data will improve overtime.

While Speaking to Being Guru, CEO of the Stash app Rahul Shah said;

“The basic idea behind Stash was to build an app that is not just limited to saving articles for later reading. While searching the web we get fascinated by so many things such as songs on Soundcloud and places we want to eat on Yelp. We want to save all such things for the proper timings so that we can enjoy. The Stash team actually wanted to create an app that can accommodate all information at one place and keep it organized at the same time.”


This app is fairly simple to use but there are a few steps involved. Such as for enabling access in iOS share sheet for using it in your smartphone or android devices. You will have to enable notifications in the web browser through Chrome extensions or adding other devices to your account. Once you are set up with Stash, you can search for your saved items by using filters and can even share them with others through “Inbox” feature.

Stash Features:

Stash app is available both for iOS and Android and is not at all like a simple bookmarking manager.

Not limited to articles:

It can help you store all kinds of content such as places, books, recipes, files, movies, songs, products, videos, etc. it not just only stores the content but automatically categorizes the links with the type of content that users include. It stores every item into its own category.


Instant Share:

Unlike other bookmarking services, Stash helps to move saved information between devices and actually makes you remember to reconsider the content you have saved earlier. It’s amazing “push to device” feature lets you send an article that you have saved on web to any of the device you want i.e. smartphone, tablet etc.


Set Reminders:

With Stash you can enable notifications or set alerts on individual elements so that you check on every item you have saved and do not miss anything. You can save an article for a holiday which you cannot find time to read in week days.


According to the Co-Founder and CTO of Stash, the developments of Stash was also backed by the idea to build an app that is devoid of long-overdue issues which are a common part of the already available bookmarking services. The Stash app incorporates all the elements in one place such as Set reminder, push to device and instant share.

This app is available for free and is not generating any kind of revenue from its services.

You can visit their website at

Via: TechCruch


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