Latest YouTube Updates Every Marketer Should Know

youtube updates

Have you seen the most recent YouTube updates? Do you want to know what changes matter to marketers?

This article examines YouTube changes that marketers should be aware of.

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1. Links on YouTube

YouTube Shorts Links

According to a new YouTube announcement, links in Shorts descriptions and comments will no longer be clickable as of August 31.

YouTube Channel Banner Links

On August 10, 2023, YouTube announced that banner links would no longer be supported and would instead “introduce a new way to showcase important links” on channel sites. The About tab now has a description and up to 14 links when you visit a YouTube channel.

The description is clickable and appears underneath the channel’s username. By August 23, 2023, all viewers will notice this alteration.

2: YouTube Channel Management

For channel owners and teams, YouTube made it simpler to manage channels and content.

They introduced the option to edit the channel banner from the header in Studio, relocated Permissions from Manage your Google Account to the Settings tab in Studio, and added navigation chips to make it simple for managers to transition between a Google or channel account.

3: YouTube Content

YouTube Community Posts

Now, across all surfaces, marketers and creators may generate community postings.

Viewer-Curated YouTube Shorts Playlists

A short can now be added to a playlist directly from the Shorts player on YouTube.

YouTube Shorts Creation Tools

YouTube added two new ways to create Shorts: Collaborate and the Q&A sticker. Additionally, click the Remix button and choose the new Use Sound option. At the point when that occurs, YouTube will “consequently surface a similar audio time stamp from the Short you recently watched, and a similar impact as a creation idea.”

4: YouTube Analytics

New and returning users are now displayed in YouTube Analytics’ Content All tab by content type.

Additionally, there is now a button for a Templates hub in the Reels composer of the mobile Facebook app, which promotes popular high-quality templates for reels performing well.

5: YouTube AI-Generated Summaries

YouTube is experimenting with giving potential video viewers an AI-generated synopsis of a video. The creators cannot change the summary. However, they can choose not to participate in the experiment.

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