YouTube Introduces 6 Creative Tools for Shorts

To boost creativity and enhance the user experience for its short video platform, YouTube is launching fresh features for YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Shorts to Expand Creativity

Over 2 billion users logged in each month to watch YouTube Shorts, demonstrating the service’s explosive growth in popularity.

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YouTube is introducing six new features for Shorts to enhance the user experience while fostering innovation and fresh content.

1. Remix with Collab: A New Tool for Collaboration

Collab is a newly created tool that YouTube has released for making short videos. Using Collab, creators can now film Split-Screen Shorts alongside other YouTube or Shorts videos.

This layout with two Shorts side by side offers numerous possibilities for remixing and repurposing current content.

tools for youtube short videos

The technology gives users more creative freedom when responding to and adapting popular audio and video.

Over the coming weeks, Collab will be made available on Android after being made available to iOS users.

2. New Effects and Stickers: Fueling Innovative Content

As new effects and stickers are continually added to YouTube Shorts, creators have additional options to interact with their audience.

tools for youtube short videos

A Q&A sticker will soon be available for Shorts, allowing creators to post questions and receive feedback from their audience in the comments.

3. Live Discovery on Shorts: Connecting with Audiences

YouTube is testing a new vertical live-streaming function for mobile devices. This function will make finding live broadcasters in the YouTube Shorts feed possible.

The objective is to provide live-streaming creators with a cutting-edge method of expanding their communities and attracting new viewers.

Creators may reach more users on YouTube by making live streams more discoverable in a full-screen vertical format.

4. Creation Suggestions: Encouraging Inspiration

To support creators in drawing inspiration from and improving upon the work of their peers, YouTube is introducing a new tool.

The functionality streamlines the process for creators to make derivative material by automatically packaging the audio and effects from a Short that is being remixed.

Tools for youtube short videos

Rather than having to recreate the essential elements, this enables authors to concentrate on their fresh new ideas.

5. Saving Shorts to Playlists: Curating Personal Inspiration

Shorts videos can now be saved directly to playlists on YouTube via the Shorts feed. This new functionality lets Creators quickly gather and organize the content they like to watch.

These carefully chosen playlists of popular Shorts inspire artists to turn to developing ideas for new Shorts quickly.

YouTube streamlines the process of adding exciting Shorts to playlists, making it easier for producers to get ideas from other people’s work.

6. Recomposition Tools: Transforming Long-Form Content

Soon, YouTube will begin testing new editing applications enabling producers to convert their horizontal/landscape videos into shorts.

With the help of these tools, filmmakers can reframe, zoom, crop, and divide their lengthy videos into more interesting vertical Shorts.

With the help of the new tools, creators can reuse and shorten significant portions of their lengthy videos while retaining crucial visual components.


YouTube keeps adding new artistic tools and capabilities to its Shorts platform. Creators now have more tools to generate interesting short-form videos as YouTube introduces collaborative remixing, live streaming integration, suggestion prompts, and other features.

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