YouTube introduces direct messaging and sharing features like Instagram

YouTube has recently launched a new feature that allows users to share their videos on a chat like an interface. This recent update was recently made available to the Android and iOS users. The basic purpose of introducing this feature is to keep the discussion on videos on the YouTube platform rather than users head to other websites such as Twitter or Facebook.

The conversations that take place re essentially private and users can share these with their selected contacts from their phone’s list. Through dedicated links, other people can be invited and videos can be shared on other platforms. This new YouTube’s feature supports chats involving up to 30 people. The participants can comment on the video through texts, emojis, and links to other videos.

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This feature was launched in Canada earlier this year and is now being rolled out to the general public globally. At the bottom of the app, YouTube also features a new Shared tab which allows users to keep track of their conversation. The user’s interface is a bit different from the one that was introduced in the testing phase. It allows users to chat while watching a video and the video stays at the top of the screen while scrolling down for the chat.

The basic reason for users to use this feature is that it saves time and allows video sharing within the mobile app. YouTube is new to the messaging game and it might have to face a tough competition with the already existing social media messaging apps.

Via: Engadget

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