You can get deleted from the internet

Everywhere there is so much talk about social media and social networks. It feels like that the conversation of ecommerce and valuation has blended into our lives. It has no doubt opened up new horizons of devising and learning new information, sharing ideas and connecting with others. But there are many controversies getting linked to these platforms. Recently, a new controversy has rocked Facebook as well as Cambridge Analytica. Because of the recent issue, the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Chris Wylie is facing a hard time these days. He brought Facebook’s latest controversy to light and got suspended of the Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Chris Wylie exposed whistleblower accounts to the New York Times and the UK’s Guardian newspaper about Cambridge Analytica. According to reports, the firm allegedly harvested data from more than 50 million Facebook accounts without the permission of the users. Chris Wylie in a stage interview blamed Facebook for being powerful enough to delete anyone from the internet. It is because most of the third-party apps require validation from the user’s Facebook account. And when the Facebook account is suspended, it becomes impossible to access other accounts as well resulting in a complete wipeout from the internet.

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Facebook in response said that it had hired a third-party forensics firm to an audit on Cambridge Analytica but is standing on at the request of the ICO because of its own undergoing investigation. The company has also asked Wylie to submit his own audit which he has refused. Wylie, on the other hand, has shared that his work was with the British authorities and nor Facebook, that makes it right to search for Cambridge Analytica’s office.

This brings into consideration that if you ever think of deleting your Facebook account, then deleting the account is not a viable solution if you use it for third-party apps. But you can save data from being accessed through Facebook’s API by taking control of your own privacy settings.

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