4 proven ways to develop charisma with the way you speak

We do not realize that the way we talk tells a lot about our personality. It is because most of us do not pay attention to the way we speak to others. We keep on looking for ways to build a better personality by acquiring skills, being well dressed, and being confident. But never pay attention to the way we talk to other people. In reality, our speech builds 38% of charisma and makes people attentive towards us.

Following are the ways you can improve your speech and make people enjoy your company.

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Become a slow talker:

When you speak fast, you start to stutter and that makes your talk a lot more unbearable. If you speak fast no one will be able to understand you clearly and will become uninterested in your talk. Therefore, start off by figuring out which rate of speech would you like to keep. For this purpose get an article and read it in your natural tone while recording it. keep the record of the words you use and if you find yourself and if you exceed 175 words per minute then it means, you need to change it. The best way is to pay attention to the people talking on TV or radio and bring it to your consciousness. Then make a habit of reading article by holding it to 160 wpm. This will help you a lot to take control of your speech.

Add pauses:

Adding more pauses to your speech can help you convey power and warmth at the same time. Among people, whenever it’s your time to speak, pause for a few seconds before getting started. Then once you speak the first sentence, lower the tone at the end to make an impact. But the tone should be lowered for an important sentence and not for every single one. In the same way raise your voice at the beginning of a sentence and then go down the hill.

Warm up your voice:

For a better speech, you need to perform some warm up exercises every day. It will help you to develop a stronger tone and better pronunciation. There are many things to do and you can start by

Blowing through your lips

Blowing through your tongue

Making circles with your tongue and touching all teeth

Yawning so that to make your palate exercise

Be yourself:

This is a world, where ideas can mean nothing until you have a conviction to back them up. Your honesty and conviction is indicated through your speech and helps to develop a charisma in your personality. If you don’t have an honest belief, you will not be able to make an impact anyway. Therefore, be your true self when talking to people and it will help you rock the world and bend it to your will.

If you still fail to achieve a charisma with your speech, then it is better to hire a voice coach. Warren Buffet still hangs his public-speaking certificate in his office in order to tell people how just with the help of their speech, they can make an impact in their lives.

Via: Addicted2Success

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