You are smart if you face these 5 problems

While being smart sounds very appealing, actually an intelligent person face some real , tough challenges in their life. Following are the five problems smart people face in their life and at times it is very frustrating.

They over intellectualize things:

Because of their ability to see things from different angles, sometimes they can’t accept what is in front of them and miss out on to visible, apparent opportunities.

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They are perfectionist:

For them it is very important for everything to fall in place, make sense because of their characteristic trait of being perfectionist. They easily get disappointed because of things not happening the way they should, or at least the way they would have done if they were on that task.

They are afraid of looking stupid:

The word perfectionist demands perfection and smart people are over cautious about their image in public. They don’t want to give out an impression of untidiness or look, sound stupid.

They forget the beginning:

As they move forward in their career and taste success, it is very hard for the smart people to correlate to the problems of the beginners.

They want to skip the basics:

Intelligent people think that they are too advanced to perfect the fundamentals and they can skip the basics of everything. Because of that intellect, they miss out to a lot of opportunities in life.

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