Facebook launches Marketplace for Cars

The success of classified Marketplace directory and a high demand of people looking to buy and sell cars has encouraged Facebook to launch a Marketplace for cars. With this new system, you’ll be able to find a ride with specific type, make, mileage, transmission and lot more.

People will also be able to check pricing against the industry standard Kelly’s Blue Book. People will be able to communicate with dealers in real time rather then filling out and waiting to hear back by using Messenger Bots.

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Facebook took this step because of the 3X rise in the search volume in the classified directory launch since earlier 2017. Since May 2017, 18 million listings have being added in the US alone.

“Autos are one of the most popular categories of Marketplace” says Facebook product manager Bowen Pan. “Millions of people in the US alone are looking at used cars, motorbikes, and other vehicle listings every day”

Right now, Facebook does not charge any transaction cut from buyers and sellers but it seems like sponsored ads will be the monitization medium for the Marketplace in the future. We already see a big competition on cards for a major car classified websites.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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