World’s third highest earning gamer Sumail Hassan is from Pakistan

Pakistan has proven to be the epitome of resilience in the most difficult of times. It is a country filled with most intelligent people across the globe. Our youth has gone on to do great things and has made the country known to the rest of the world. These are a great asset as they can actually work as an engine for the economic development of Pakistan.

Internet has provided a diverse set of experiences and related activities and has become a part of lives of most Pakistani teens. There are teens that play games and have made the activity persuasive in the socioeconomic spectrum. As the opportunities are endless therefore, there are teens who are becoming experts in this field. It is a kind of learning experience that tends to provide higher incomes and endless opportunities. One such recent example is a teenage Pakistani Sumail Hassan who has become a fascination in the gaming world.

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This smart teenager is from Karachi and has become the third highest earning gamer in the world. He has been playing Dot 2 since the age of seven and moved to US in 2014 in order to pursue his passion. In 2015, he played along with his team named as ‘Evil Geniuses’ and shocked the world by becoming the youngest gamer surpassing the $1 million mark in tournament winnings in Dot 2 Asian Championship.

Recently in a gaming tournament, the Dot 2 champion collected $2,401,560 in the world of e-sports. Just at the age of 17, Sumail Hassan made it to the Time Magazine’s list of most influential teenagers in 2016. In the Dot 2 gaming world, he is considered one of the best players. He now hosts his very own live-streamed games. His fan following has risen to 30,000 on Twitter. With the recent prize money he has bought a house for his parents and siblings living in US.

The youth population in Pakistan is smart enough to make such achievements if their skills and knowledge are carefully developed. We need to find a way to train them with modern skills and knowledge so they can become the strongest human resources. For a sustainable and competitive nation’s economy, our first and foremost priority should be to entertain the potentials of the young men and women of this country.




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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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