American Universities are filing court documents against Trump’s immigration ban

President Trump’s ban on immigrants for seven of the Muslim-majority countries have not only splintered families in the US but has left the citizens of remaining countries anxiously waiting what comes next. The aftermath of Trump administration’s order has also taken universities and scholars across the country and they are grappling with what the restrictions mean for their students.

The authorities fear that the executive orders by the President Trump will not allow of different cultures and religions to study in US and acquiring scholarships. The legal minds across the country are racing to interpret what the order will do to the colleges as well as universities in US. In response to this ban, several universities have issued statements to the executive order.

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Recently universities in US have filed an amicus brief for challenging the executive order. Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and 14 other universities are among those who have filed the document. According to the document, this ban will not only bring damaging effects to the universities in US but will directly affect students, faculty, and scholars. The brief was filed in the US District court and was signed by the presidents of Brown, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, University of Chicago, Columbia, Dartmouth, Cornell, Emory, Duke, MIT, John Hopkins, Northwestern, University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, and Vanderbilt.

The executive order that left many people stranded on airports is now receiving a backlash from the higher education community as well. The executive order that prevents citizens of seven countries from entering US will also prevent students to enter state universities. Many of the individuals will not be able to join all such universities as faculty, or for performing research work, and some will not be allowed to even return if they leave. Earlier this February, the residents of all 48 American colleges and universities sent an intense letter to Trump authorities and considering President’s orders as extreme procedures. The letter delivered was quoted the method in the following words,

“The executive order unfairly targets the Muslim-majority nations and it does not in any way links to traditions and principles of America. The universities invite all the outstanding Muslim students from abroad including students from the seven countries that have been affected by the new law. The new executive orders are staining the country’s reputation and the universities are looking forward to make up for the damage that has been caused due to this order”.

Via: Business Insider

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