World’s best Universities by subject, QS latest ranking released

Historically, education institutions were considered cultural landmarks for their home nations. They were responsible for educating their own students, training their own academic staff, and storing the cultural and local histories of their regions. But as the global environment for education expanded, the stakeholders in the field of education were forced to reevaluate their priorities and expectations. This encouraged for reforms that led to greater accessibility, relevance, and improvement in the education systems.

Today the institutions work to their strengths and seek success at points where they are most competitive. They are ranked on the basis of the standard of education they are providing to the national as well as international students. Every year, institutions around the world are ranked on the basis of the quality of education they provide to students.

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In order to track the best institutions around the world, QS produces a ranking report every year. This year it has also published its report based in 46 different subject areas ranging from business and history to mining. Out of many, 18 universities are considered to be providing top quality education and among the schools, only 15 schools have been selected. Out of which, three of the schools have taken the top spot in a combined 31 different subjects.

Following is the ranking of the world’s leading educational institutions.

Wageningen University: This University is located in the Dutch town of Wageningen. It is around 50 miles from the capital Amsterdam. It is a good place for students interested in studying agricultural and forestry.

Royale College of Art: This College for the second consecutive year has retained its place as the best place for studying art and design focused subjects.

University of Southern California: According to QS, this university is ranked first for getting a degree in communications and media studies. Sports are also an important feature for the popularity of the university.

University of Hong Kong: This has been ranked as one of the best schools in the world by QS for getting a dentistry degree. It was considered best in the previous years as well.

ETH, Swiss Federal Institute for Technology: Students interested in earth and marine sciences, ETH is the place to go. It has won 20 Nobel prizes and once was a learning place for world’s famous scientist Albert Einstein.

University College London: It is the best place to get a degree in education. Over 4,000 students are studying in it at the moment.

Loughborough University: This University is considered best for student’s sport activities as well as for teaching sports science.

University of California, Berkeley: This institution is often regarded as the academic pinnacle of the University of California. Berkeley excels in its studies for environmental sciences.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas: Although LA is known for entertainment but its university is known best for teaching of subjects related to hospitality.

Colorado Schools of Mines: This place is known best for teaching subjects of mining and mineral engineering and is located in the town of Golden, Colorado.

University of Pennsylvania:  This University is located in Philadelphia and has been ranked as best for getting the nursing education.

The Juilliard School: This place is famous for studying performing arts such as musical theatre, dance, and drama.

University of Pittsburgh: For philosophy students, this place has been ranked consecutively as the best by QS.

University of California, Davis: For all students who are interested in becoming a vet, this university is considered best globally.

Oxford University: This University excels other in subjects like English language and literature.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology:  MIT is among the world’s global elite universities. It is the best place to study science and has topped the charts in everything from architecture to mechanical engineering.

Harvard University: This University is well known for its topping in subjects like business and management, law, political and international studies.

Via: Business Insider

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