Why you should be less accessible for greater success

Living in a culture of hyper-accessibility, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Mac OS continuity, and notifications for all the things has disturbed the margin of your most important priorities. All-time notifications from all kinds of gadgets simply result in a wasted time. According to studies, a simple interruption would require over 45 minutes for anyone to get back into the groove of whatever they are doing. And if you have only a few of those, you will get nothing done in a day. All this requires you to be less accessible all the time. Either it’s your clients, your friends, or family, you need to be less accessible in order to become successful in life.

It is not an easy shift because it is tough both emotionally and logistically because everyone wants to care for their loved ones. But fortunately, there are a lot of good reasons to be less accessible.

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Accept that you have limited resources:

When you try to be everywhere and all the time, you require more of everything may it be the time, your energy, finances etc. But everything is not available to you because the resources are always finite. Once you accept the fact that the resources that you have are limited and you need to be careful in using them, you become more thankful. You start valuing your time and focus on getting your own work done rather than indulging in interruptions.

Determine your priorities:

When you are less accessible to everyone, you become more accessible to the right people. These are the people who you actually need in your life and they help you to move forward. For example, if you are less available to every client, you become more accessible to the client who fits more for your business. Or if you are available less to your entire circle of friends, you are more available to the friends and family who are closer to you.

Make a list of who to respond:

When someone has a problem, it’s natural to look for people who can help you and you can get the issue solved quickly. When you are less accessible, it will encourage others to find the solution of their problems their own self. It will help them discover that they can do things on their own without taking anyone’s help.

Decide how to respond:

When you limit your accessibility, you focus on the people who are more engaged in their work and are serious about asking you for help. In the case of your business, your less accessibility will weed out the clients who are not serious. Once you will have a clear audience to deal with, you will make all the right moves to help them out.


Once you are not available to everyone, you become more available to your own self. It is good for your emotional health to spend time with your self and understand what is going on inside. You can use this time to recharge and perform your work more actively.

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