Why was it hard to lie to Steve Jobs?

According to a former apple worker Kawasaki, working under Steve Jobs was sometimes unpleased and always scary but it was worth every second. He worked as an entrepreneur, venture capitalists, wrote 14 books, and became a CEO himself. He served the company two tours of duty i.e. one between 1983 and 187 and the other was between 1995 and 1997. He revealed that this was the most influential time of his professional life. He states that he became who he is because of Steve Jobs.

Recently he shared an event with Steve Jobs that took place in 1984. One day he reached his office when Steve Jobs showed up with someone he wasn’t familiar with. Without introducing the man to Kawasaki, Jobs asked him that what does he thinks about the company named as Knoware. For answering the question, Kawasaki had two options in his head. He could have either given a neutral answer to stay safe or could have simply told the truth.

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He told Steve Jobs that Knoware is mediocre, boring, and simplistic and that the firm fails to take advantage of Mac’s advanced hardware. Once he gave the answer, jobs told him that the man with him is the CEO of that company, Archie McGill.

He told him that this is the same as what I had told you. According to Kawasaki, if he would have opted to play safe, Jobs would have thought that he was clueless at best and may have fired him that day. Kawasaki stated that Steve Jobs always demanded excellence to keep the employees at the top of their game. In order to attain success, Kawasaki shared valuable lessons which he learned by spending his time with Steve Jobs.

He told them to always tell the truth, the wiser the person the more they yearn from the truth, and being honest is easier than lying.

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