8 Body language mistakes that make you look like a liar

In an interview, it is almost impossible for anyone not to tell a lie or at least exaggerate. But what most of the people fail to realize that the way you communicate nonverbally often speaks louder than words.

Remember, 55% of human communication is non-verbal. Business Balls

Following are the most ruthless body language blunders that can make you look like a lying or deceiving job candidate:

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Not looking in the eye:

By not looking in the eyes of your potential employer, you can make yourself appear pretty sneaky. Therefore, during your interview, stay calm and keep good solid eye contact. Just do not stare constantly but whenever you look at them, your eye contact should be really straight.

Sudden changes in speech:

Your voice can appear higher due to stress as the heart rate increases. Or it can sometimes become too slow to even understand what you are trying to communicate. Therefore, keep yourself calm and maintain a normal voice so that it does not indicate that you are trying to divert the attention.

Taking long pauses:

During an interview, you sometimes take sudden long pauses in order to think for an answer to the tricky question that you have been asked. But if you pause for long for ordinary questions, then it can surely make you look suspicious.

Clearing your throat:

Upon getting nervous, your throat dries up naturally because the central nervous system reduces the salivary flow. This can make you clear up your throat during the interview. But, if this happens only for specific questions, then your interviewer can raise an eyebrow.

Giving away too much information:

A good liar when given the opportunity, clouds a simple issue in order to deflect a person’s attention. Doing this in an interview can make you look like a liar too. Do not give too much information for a single question and just give the relevant answer.

Too much fidgeting:

Fidgeting can be really bad if you suddenly start doing it during an interview. It can raise an alarm for the interviewer that you might be saying something that is not true.

Shuffling your feet:

When you shuffle your feet continuously, it gives the impression that you are desperate to run away from something. Therefore, pay attention to any such movement because it can get you in serious trouble.

Biting lips:

Your nervous system stops sending blood to extremities when apprehensively lying which makes you bite your lips to get some of the feelings back. But you need to be very careful because doing so can make you look suspicious in the eyes of the interviewer.

The article originally appeared on Coburg Banks

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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