Why is curiosity important?

Following your passion is like a solid advice which many people give you when you are starting your career. But this is something that most people don’t even know. Following your passion is much different than you may have heard. It is all about following your curiosity when you are not aware of which path to follow. It makes you look for a big point that points you to it but is open to getting explored. If you are truly following your curiosity, your eyes should always search for the next clue on your scavenger hunt. It is not always easy to cross into the unknown and try something new but if you don’t do it, it will hold you back from discovering your purpose in life.

Once you give yourself the permission to explore your curiosity, it leads you to find your passion. Curiosity is no doubt important but following are the easy ways you can develop it:

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Stay open-minded:

If you want to remain curious, you will have to stay open-minded. You will have to allow yourself to learn, unlearn, and relearn. You should always be ready to accept the changes and be aware that nothing remains constant.

Never take things for granted:

It is easy to lose the curiosity if you take things in life for granted. Whatever is around you, understand it and dig for it on a deeper level. Once you will understand the origin or each and everything you are interested in, you will continue to move forward and explore more.

Don’t be afraid of asking questions:

Asking questions is the only way you can learn more, therefore, never hesitate to ask. There is no shame in not knowing but when you don’t ask, you actually lose the opportunity to gain more knowledge and explore more.

Stop labelling things as boring:

Labeling things can actually close your doors of possibilities. This is the reason curious people do not label anything as boring and always see things as another way to explore the world. Take everything as an opportunity that can see you different aspects of the same thing.

Take learning as fun:

Most of the students fail to remember anything in class because they take it as a burden. Instead, if a student starts taking interest, things are easy to remember on their own. The same happens with you in practical life. When you take learning as fun, it naturally forces you to dig deeper and learn more. Therefore, consider learning a fun process and you will gain much more.

Expand your reading:

Spending a lot of time on just one field can make you get bored of it. Therefore, it is better that you introduce yourself to the possibilities of the other worlds. There will be a lot of things in each field that will spark your interest. Try reading about diverse topics and explore new one to feed your mind with the excitement of something new.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)