A study tells why intelligent women fall for unhealthy relationships

Have you ever wondered why an intelligent, smart lady you admire the most because of her intelligence or status in society is found dating a “loser”?. A smart lady often admires a man who probably does not even treat her seriously and has no intentions of taking the relationship forward.

Intelligent women are often late bloomers, they are not satisfied with their life, relations and complain a lot about their sinking marital relationship.

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To feel loved, perhaps they seek for a safe relationship with a toxic person who seems to click their liking and preference. The person may not have any respectable status in society, perhaps younger in age to them and may not even be good looking too, but an intelligent lady often gets addicted to such people, Business Insider reports.

It is hard to believe, but the study talks about strong women falling prey to those who treat them horribly and are “toxic” by a lot of characteristics.

The question arises, why do intelligent and strong women with high standards are indulged in a toxic relationship?

The answer is actually more complicated than you’d think. Rest assured, it has got nothing to with weakness at all. Intelligent women are successful because they work hard, they’ve put in the work and they know how commitment reaps rewards. They try applying the same passion, attitude in their relationships.

“Generally, you will transfer this understanding without even thinking about it — that chances are if you work hard on your relationships, they’re going to be good,” psychologist and executive coach Perpetua Neo.

“Add that together with empathy and it can be really difficult because you start to tax yourself with trying to understand why he is the way he is.”

Now the flip side of the study is, weak men target strong women and the reason is apparently simple and straight forward. It’s not that successful women are strong. They are targeted for all the wrong reasons.

“It’s a common misconception that these men go for weak women; it’s quite the opposite — these pathologically self-centered guys want a strong woman who has a lot to give,” writes Huff Post contributor and founder and CEO of Date Like a Grownup, Bobbi Palmer.

According to Palmer, weak and toxic men look for women who can strike their “relatively fragile” egos. They always look for “strong and steady” partner they can always count on to take care of them, physically and financially.

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