Khumariyaan, reviving Pashtun heritage through “Rubab” instrumental music.

Pashtuns across Pakistan and Afghanistan share a common history and culture. A music band from Pakistan called Khumariyaan was born in the age of Talibanization. It was an era of sectarian violence.

Originating from Peshawar, the band’s foundation was laid down by Farhan Bogra, a well known Rubab player in the country and his three close friends Shiraz Khan, Sparlay Rawail and Aamer Shafiq. Together, these awesome four music lovers are called “Khumariyaan”.

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The band is purely instrumental through “Rubab” and other instruments. That’s right, no vocals, just beats.

Being cultural activists who have devoted their life working for the preservation of arts and culture, Khumariyaan has introduced Pashtun music outside Pakistan and has gained a huge popularity for their innovative work.

I always wanted to show the real Pashtun culture to the world through innovative instrumental music and break the norms. Says Farhan Bogra.

From gaining huge popularity by introducing instrumental music such as Bela, Kuch khas to doing the cover of the Game of Thrones Main Theme, Khumariyaan is now one of the most in-demand musical band not just in Pakistan but for Pashtuns living all over the world. They are “Rubab” instrument specialist, one of the rare bands playing it in the region with a modern, upscaled beat.

Music doesn’t lie, it’s pure and it speaks to everyone, irrespective of their ethinicity, religion or culture. Music is love. Says Aamer Shafiq.

Watch Games Of Thrones Theme (Cover) By Khumariyaan:

The Games of Thrones theme (Cover) gained a lot of popularity all over the world and huge rounds of appreciation poured in for the band for taking up the challenge and reflecting Pashtun touch to the theme.

Well, yes, GOT cover got a fair recognition all over the world because of its amazing theme. We tried to give it a unique touch with “Rubab” and the final result was very satisfying. Says Farhan.

Featured in the news such as VOA, Bill Board, and NYTimes, The band is available for international bookings on their website.

Music can bring change and bring people together. Shiraz Khan when asked about the importance of music in connecting different cultures, especially, “Rubab” instrument.

The band has performed in many countries including Italy, USA, Dubai, Thailand, Ireland, Mexico, UK, France, India (New Delhi). Khumariyaan was awarded “Fakhr-e-Peshawar” award in 2019 by the KPK government.

Their major achievement in the country is winning “Lux Style Awards” for song of the year for the song “Ya Qurban”. It’s the same song that was featured in Coke Studio season 11.

Music has sincerity, everybody loves it from nature to humans. Says Sparlay Rawail.

Music promotes peace and Khumariyaan’s music has played a significant role in improving the perception of Pakistan and promoting the country’s Pashtun culture to the world.

A struggle of over a decade to promote the khyber culture to the world. Khumariyaan wants Government of Pakistan, independent investors to help them form a music research centre to preserve and digitize “Rubab”, artists and music in the country.

The band is playing their role in introducing “Rubab” instrument to the world and want the instrument to be commonly available to everybody. This will also be economically beneficial not just for Pakistan for the world too as the instrument once gets popular, will be in high demand thus empowering the instrument manufacturers.


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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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