Why do good employees leave?

In business, time is money and the process of employing someone takes time. Hiring new employees constantly can be expensive. Therefore, when an employee leaves, it can be a chore for the organization to find another replacement. An average employee does a good job and it is good enough to warrant a letter of recommendation upon departure. But even when that average employee leaves, someone still has to find a replacement. Now imagine the departure of a highly valuable employee and the unintentional hurt that is placed on your business. Replacing a good employee can not only be costly but can also be a struggle. It is because hiring the right candidate and ensuring high standards can be really hard.

This issue leads to the question that why good employees leave the company in the first place. To answer this, you need to understand what mistakes bad bosses and companies make that contribute to the slow fade of good employees. These are as follows:

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Stupid rules:

It is no doubt that companies make rules but these should not be shortsighted and lazy attempts at creating an order. No rules should be such that make employees work so hard that they suffer from burnout. Hard rules kill the morale of employees. It is because unnecessary rules can drive even the most hardworking employees crazy. This situation can push such employees to find a job that does not push them extremely hard.

Treating each performer equally:

Treating people equally is true when it comes to respecting them but in the case of the workplace, it is a bit different. If you treat the top performers and average performers equally, it discourages the people who work harder. Top performer always wants to be valued on the basis of their abilities, therefore, when they don’t feel valued they move forward to another job.

Tolerating poor workers:

A company achieves progress because of its workers. When managers start to tolerate poor workers in a team; it actually brings the entire team down. The top performers feel there is no use for their work and eventually, the weak links bring the whole company down.

Not appreciating enough:

One of the biggest mistakes managers make that push employees towards leaving their job is that they don’t recognize accomplishments. It is because when employees work their best, they expect to be appreciated. Bosses who fail to recognize the importance of rewarding hardworking employees, often end up losing them.

Not caring enough:

It has been proved that most employees leave their job because of their boss. These are the managers who don’t know how to balance being professional and being human. They do not feel bothered to celebrate the success of their employees, empathize with the ones who are going through hard times or even care for them. Contacting employees later in the evening or after work hours is one of the main reasons why employees want to switch jobs and move to a better opportunity. France has realized this major issue with employees and a new French Law Makes It Illegal To Contact Employees After Office Hours.


They don’t show people the bigger perspective:

It is very important for employees to know what they are working towards. Managers who fail to show a bigger picture to their employees often lose their best workers. It is because the best performers shoulder heavier loads when they are working and when they don’t have a purpose, all their effort goes wasted.

They don’t make working as fun:

When there is stress involved in work, it makes employees suffer from anxiety and burnout. It makes it harder to complete the projects and meet the deadlines. Not only this, but it also pushes good employees to quit. Managers who fail to let employees loosen up, lose good employees. Therefore, managers should always be keen on providing employees with fun activities so that they don’t feel bored with work. These may include providing free meals, fitness classes, or bowling alleys.

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