4 Things that kills the morale of employees

In life, it happens that the loss of few things come as costly and disruptive as good people walking out the door. And this is something you hear a lot from managers complaining about their best employees leaving. But managers mostly blame this turnover problem on everything else except their own behaviour. According to experts, people don’t leave the job, they leave managers. Sadly, this is a problem that can easily be avoided but is not given any attention by the managers.

For avoiding such suffering managers need to understand that practices that are a reason to offend others. Following are the few common mistakes managers make and kill the morale of their employees.

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Making people overwork:

New research has shown that overwork from employees does not add up to the productivity. It is because employees feel they are being punished for something they have not done. As a result, their productivity drops and managers don’t get anything out of the overwork. Workload can be increased by providing raises, promotion, or title-changes. In this way, employees will not feel the pressure much and will be able to handle the workload.

Not letting employees to succeed:

The biggest mistake of manages is when they keep their employees under them. Managers think that to stop talented employees from moving forward will be beneficial for their own business. But in reality, when managers push their skilled employees, they are quicker in leaving the job. Talent can find opportunities anywhere and a good manager must encourage them by assigning areas to them where they can propel.

Using the threat game:

Managers when have the power, they consider they can easily keep talented employees under their control by threating with loss of job. This continuous fear of termination does not allow employees to use their full potential and they do not perform better. These are the kinds of tactics that should be avoided by managers at all cost or they can end up losing valuable workers.

Not allowing to pursue their passion:

Passion of talented employees improves their skills and helps them to keep moving forward. This is something a good manager should not fear. Research has shown that people who are allowed to pursue their passion along with their work, their euphoric state of mind is a lot more productive than the rest.

Blaming employees:

It often happens that a boss is too proud to accept the mistakes. But accepting mistakes does not make you weak; instead, it makes you popular among employees. Managers who blame mistakes on employees should be prepared for the most talented workers leaving them soon.

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