5 reasons why you should wear the same thing everyday

We overestimate the extent to which people are observing us. There is a lot of pressure not to break the societal norms. We have assumed expectations of how people will take us if we simply want to consume less or adopt a different kind of lifestyle. This is the reason that unwarranted feelings can lead us to unjustified embarrassment and self-consciousness. It is felt more when we do something out of the ordinary such as wearing the same dress every day.

But our ego cannot always be trusted and ignoring it from time to time can help ease a lot of social pressure. Looking-glass self is an interesting psychological concept that explains how an entire identity and self-image is mostly determined by how we believe the society perceives us. It may be believed to wear off with age but the process of self-realization can be accelerated by occasionally experimenting with off-beaten pathways of thinking and living. Once we make the decision of wearing the same outfit every day, we slowly become indifferent to the people’s opinion. Following are the benefits of minimizing our wardrobe:

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1. Less decisions to make:

We need to make decisions about everything in life. It creates an unnecessary stress when we have to do it in daily basis. In an attempt to make sound decisions we get overwhelmed by the options and we experience decision fatigue. If we take a cue from the historical greats like Albert Einstein and Former President Barack Obama, streamlining the wardrobe can help us on focusing on what matters the most.

2. Recognizing the best look:

When we decide to wear the same dress every day, we start searching for the best look. By wearing one thing for a week we can easily test what we look great in. It may take time but it once can make us feel confident and empowering.

3. Simple wardrobe:

When it comes to clothing, the minimalism helps us to get rid of the extra things. It helps us to center our attention towards our most important items and the closet becomes smaller but neater. And when we look for something it becomes easily accessible.

4. Choosing quality over quantity:

Uniform clothing helps us to prefer quality over quantity and instead of choosing various outfits we only chose the ones that are of high quality. We don’t even fear giving high price for them because we know that is the only outfit providing us style and comfort,

5. More available time:

Having a lot of clothes mean doing tons of laundry from time to time. It not only consumes a lot of our time but also leaves us exhausted. When we chose to wear the same outfit today, we free a lot more time that can be spent on the most important tasks. This time can be spent on reading, listening, and focusing on strategies to achieve future goals.

Via: Forbes

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