Why do people not like working at Google, Apple or Facebook?

Working for a big organization like Google, Apple or Facebook is a dream. These are great companies, amazing leadership, lovely culture, some of the world’s best engineering, best people, a job with great pay and benefits and a nice working environment. What else could you dream for?

For some it is a dream, for others, it is just not a perfect job to unleash their true talent. Some people want to make a significant difference at work. It is because of the culture, seniors who have been working in these organizations for over a longer period of time, they can not work freely. The new talented worker sometimes finds it hard to accept old-school instructions and feels that they have been caged to their thoughts because of the company’s politics.

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Also, it is often seen that performance review/promotions are highly political in a big organization. These companies do not allow remote work and people find the politics, forced consensus to be suffocating.

The disliking could also be because of instant huge exposure. For an employee who has worked with small organizations for a major part of their life and then getting a job in a big company could also mean a dream to be their own boss, start their own company.

Following are the main reasons why some people dislike working for big organizations and prefer small organizations.

  • They don’t enjoy politics and no one can deny the fact that big organizations have a lot of politics.
  • They do not feel the results of their work
  • They want to start their own company, found a startup.
  • They want to learn new skills, advanced technology which could be in high demand in the future.
  • They have sick parents and want to find a job in their city.
  • They are bored with the culture, same people and want to try something new.


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