Who Wants War?

So we are on a brink of another war with India——— I pray NOT

Sept. 18, a terrorist group attacks Uri in the Indian Occupied Kashmir. As usual, India poses all the blame on Pakistan, citing the attacks were done by Pakistani terrorists who crossed border, attacked the Uri brigade headquarters, enraging the Indian public to take ‘revenge’ from Pakistan and ‘teach them a lesson’.

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As a Pakistani this was not an unusual thing to watch since, since independence, India and Pakistan are arch rivals, both claiming Kashmir as their integral part. Instead of investigating WHO and WHY actually someone attacked the base, Pakistan was an easy scapegoat for the BJP led Indian government to launch yet another infuriating, derogatory offensive against Pakistan.

One can understand the political motives of the BJP officials who want to hide their embarrassment in public, caused by a constant failure in Kashmir: The Kashmiries have refused to be a part of India and despite of 70 years of Indian aggression, they are struggling for their right of self determination, promised by the UN.

Adding fuel to fire, the media has taken this mania to another level. The venom split by the clueless, brainless BJP officials tuned the Indian media into a digital war, accusing Pakistan for being a terrorist nation. The situation has turned ugly from bad when renowned Indian journalists and newspapers claimed false stories of ‘Surgical Strikes’ within the Pakistani territory, killing militants (who were capable to escape from Uri using Star trek capsule vanishing science and were there waiting for the Indian army to get roasted!!!).

Next level: the celebrities from Bollywood started reacting and congratulating the Indian Army for their ‘Achievement’, as though they have taken over the whole Pakistan and the world is a safer place. Another reaction from the Bollywood is banning Pakistani actors to work across the border.

Pakistanis are cursing the Indians as well, urging the Pakistan Media to stop promoting Indian contents which thankfuly Pemra has done. The latest step in this regard is, Indian movies are being banned by the cinema owners.

what’s amusing is that, in more normal days, media and celebrities from both sides claim that:

– Art has no boundaries
– people should be free to work in Pakistan and Indian Cinema / TV / Musical activities regardless of their religious, ethnic and cultural affiliations and backgrounds
– both sides claim to have an open heart and mind for working in the industry and for the betterment of humanity through art activities

ONE unfortunate event and EVERYTHING goes in thin air.  We are confronting each other with all the word weaponry, trying to let each other down and I must confess, it starts from the India first, fully backed by their electronic media.

The more repulsive part of all this ‘war’ rhetoric is the public reaction to all this mania. People are getting more and more furious. Don’t know for the battle of the ground but on Social Media, it seems that every other guy is a war expert, intelligence expert, super patriotic, super heroic and just by blaming the other party (be it Pakistan or India), one will win over the other party.

Listen people, You cannot analyze a situation, stop being experts in the social media and stop spreading ciaos and anger among your fellow citizens…

Truth is, If India has already decided that it means war with Pakistan, it will only feed delusional venom to its public that Pakistan has attacked them and they need to respond with war. Pakistanis are also, posting heroic contents citing we are ready. Irresponsible, unfiltered, guttered words are exchanged between both sides and ofcourse it is natural….who can hear a word against their motherland?

So where does it all lead to? Are we ready for another war? Do we even know the meaning of a war?

It is easier for anybody to claim on its social media page that we can turn tables on each other. In real world, in real war, humanity is washed…people lose their loved ones, people are left in despair.

There is no winner or loser.

Yes, Pakistan will defend itself when the time comes.

Yes, we refuse to be treated like a scapegoat for a political drama posed by our offensive neighbor.

Yes, we totally refuse to kneel down and bow down, if attacked; we will NOT go down without fighting.

BUT Wait, hey…war is BAD, let’s not escalate the situation. Everyone has an opinion, but do not let your opinion cause an uncontrollable stir. Be reasonable, be at peace.

And now to the PM Modi, do not bring the Irrational behavior into play to escalate the current situation by faking up a surgical strike outburst, it would be even worse if two nations fight and than….few who are left to write the history say….

RIP – “The Peace



My name is Saima and I am a die-hard Pakistani who bleeds Green and love peace.


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