For some users iPhone’s Bluetooth is totally screwed up

Setbacks do not only happen to Samsung and Blackberry, even the most mature and robust technology such as Apple can roll over and can kowtow anytime. This might be a little chilling up the spine for Apple as the company is facing repeated complaints about the iPhone 7’s Bluetooth issues.

According to two different polls, a number of iPhone users reported serious complaints regarding the irritating issues of Bluetooth’s connectivity. The problem of connectivity is not limited to iPhone 7, other phones such as 6, 6s etc. are also having these concerns.

The Gizmodo Poll was carried out for knowing the most widespread issue with the phone and the Bluetooth connectivity issue seemed to be a big concern for the majority of the owners. Most of the owners had a problem while connecting Bluetooth to their in-car entertainment systems.

Many suggestions have been placed forward in order to overcome the issue, some people suggest that disabling the Bluetooth, and connecting it to the head unit by means of a USB can solve the problem. But according to Gary Tates, this cannot be a proper solution to the existing problem as it can cause the head unit to reboot at times.

Some of the other users have stated similar problems with iOS 10 as when it connected to the head unit, it behaves in a strange manner. It skips some of the tracks or skim ahead in a single track.

Also, the issue is not just linked to car’s entertainment systems. The headphones that used to work previously with iOS 9, no more work with the new system. The overall function of the speaker, adapters and phone-to-computer connectivity is also facing the same problems.

Fortunately, the Bluetooth issues can be solved with the help of an iOS update because it is software related problem. If the problem doesn’t solve, then this issue most probably calls for a recall for Apple’s iPhone system.

 Report: Gizmodo